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US-born and London based singer-songwriter, Laura Comfort, is preparing for a busy summer of festivals and appearances amid promoting her highly anticipated new single, “Feel What I Feel.” The electronic house inspired track was produced by UK and U.S. chart topping dance group Bimbo Jones – having had over 80 #1 club remixes with the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Maroon5, Rihanna and more. With sultry vocals and pumping electronic house beats, “Feel What I Feel” is destined to storm the Charts and heat up the dance floors as this summer’s party anthem. Listen to the full track here.

“I wrote "Feel What I Feel" about waiting for love,” says Comfort. “I wanted to write a sexy summer song that's fun and infectious. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it!”

“Feel What I Feel” comes off the heels of the success of Comfort’s previous single, “Come Take A Ride” – which reached No.18 on the UK Club charts. Taken from her critically acclaimed album Don’t Ignore Me, “Come Take A Ride” has gained over 29,000 YouTube views and was a collaboration done with producer John Ryan (Santana, Lynard Skynard). She also climbed the charts with her singles “Can't Get Enough” and “Let the Music Take Control,” that were also both championed by BBC Radio 1.

A former Ford Model, originally hailing from New York and now a confirmed Londoner, the songstress has created an impressive name for herself. Having spent her early days studying at Harvard College and later joining her first successful pop band with students from Berkley Music School, Laura Comfort has played US tours and made TV appearances on Good Day NY and Eyewitness News. In addition, Comfort has opened for the likes of Stephen Tyler, of Aerosmith fame, at the iconic East Coast motorcycle musical festival, Laconia Fest, after releasing a stunning rework of Jimmy Hendrix’s “Little Wing” featuring Matt Becker – legendary tour and lead guitarist for some of the most celebrated names in music including Elton John, Cher, and more.

"Folk-pop songstress Laura Comfort has been bubbling away in the scene for a few years now. Her new album Don't Ignore Me is a marked step up from Comfort, showcasing her emotive, acoustic side as well as her upbeat pop works. A rich and varied listen from this talented songwriter"
Music Week The Tastemakers

“Laura is a delicate, shimmering artist with an eye for detail and a measured twist with a contemporary tune. One to watch.”
Musician Magazine

“Her voice is a blend of Dido’s and Norah Jones’s, with a hint of RnB”
Tatler Magazine

Introducing the stunning country pop songstress - Laura Comfort Who prepares for a busy summer supporting Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler along with the release of her brand new single and Jimi Hendrixrework.


The US born and London based singer / songwriter prepares for a busy summer of festivals and releases her brand new single, a country rock reworking of the classic rock track by Jimi Hendrix and produced by acclaimed producer Gig Piscetti (Goldfrapp, Lou Reed, The Killers and Mystery Jets).

The single also features Matt Becker, lead guitarist who’s toured with some of the most legendery names in music such as, Laura Mvula, Elton John, Cher, ABC, Rumer. He’s also composed music featured in the hit TV series NCIS, Law And Order and many many more.

The release follows the success of her previous single Come Take A Ride, which reached number 18 in the UK club charts. The second track Angelina Jolie is taken from her outstanding new album Don’t Ignore Me, collaboration with producer John Ryan (Santana, Lynard Skynard) and with over 29,000 views on her Youtube videos.

Originally from New York but now a confirmed Londoner the songstress has quite a back story from her early days of studying at Harvard College and joining her first successful pop band with students from Berkley Music School, to playing US tours and followed by many TV appearances, not to mention her previous releases and celeb musician friends.

June 15th 2016 Laura will be opening up for the rock legend Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame at the iconic Laconia Fest on the East Coast in the US, which she was personally asked to perform at.

Music Week - "Singer-songwriter Laura Comfort's leanings into the folk-pop world show she is a real talent at this”.

Musician Magazine - “One to watch."

Come Take a Ride

Right Recordings is delighted to announce the release of Come Take a Ride, the new single by Laura Comfort, taken from her outstanding new album Don't Ignore Me.

Originally from New York, but now a confirmed Londoner, Laura has been singing from an early age, influenced by her musical parents. Laura remembers always having music in the house, with her mother playing piano or father playing guitar. After singing in school choirs, she began writing poetry and cut her first album with an a cappella group in high-school. Whilst studying at Harvard College, Laura joined a successful pop band with students from Berkley Music School leading to an East Coast tour and early TV appearances.

After a short stint working in television, and modelling for the Ford agency in New York, Laura moved to London to study at the London School of Economics. She began playing guitar, and soon hit the singer-songwriter scene performing in many of London's live venues. Shortly after, she was catapulted into the spotlight with her first release Let the Music Take Control reaching the top 30 in the Music Week Pop Chart and the top 10 in the UK Club Chart, championed by Dave Pearce and Scott Mills at Radio 1. Her follow-up singles Can't Get Enough and Mountain were equally successful, receiving rave reviews and airplay across the UK and Europe.

After success in the charts, Laura rediscovered her roots and focused on writing more expressive, personal songs, resulting in the release of her highly acclaimed debut album Nature's Child. The album was played on BBC stations across the UK, bolstered by plays on BBC Radio 2, live performances and interviews.

Laura then released her second album, The Comfort Zone, an eclectic mix of catchy acoustic pop songs well received by the press and radio both in the UK and USA. As Ambassador for a number of international charities, including Women for Women International and Prince Harry's charity Sentebale, she recorded charity single A Better World, which received support from BBC Radio 2.

Laura has now recorded her new album Don't Ignore Me with legendary Santana producer John Ryan, of Chicago Kid Productions. The album displays Laura's signature vocals, insightful lyrics and catchy melodies, a combination destined for success. She travelled to Los Angeles to shoot the stunning new video to accompany her new single Come Take A Ride. Laura has recently appeared live at top venues including Ronnie Scott's Bar, the Groucho Club and the Arts Club in Mayfair, and has a UK tour planned for Spring 2014.

Album review review of 'Don't Ignore Me' - Album

I have to be honest I didn't have high hopes for an album labeled as 'folk-pop' but I should be punished for being so ignorant as the amazing album 'Don't Ignore Me' by the gorgeous Laura Comfort has had me hooked.

Despite being compared to artists such as Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift, Laura manages to deliver something refreshingly new and diverse with her stunning 3rd album. The complete uniqueness to Laura's voice only adds to the absolute beauty of each song and I already have favorites such as 'Cherry Lips' and 'I'm No Barbie'. However, I still feel unfair saying I like any more than the next as no song sounds the same, a quality which is rare to find in some artists but Laura proves to manage it with ease. There is emotion in the lyrics, heartfelt melodies within the songs themselves and given the versatility and variation with each track you will struggle not to have this album on permanent repeat.

Opening with a upbeat, more 'pop' mood with 'Angelina Jolie' and moving to a wonderfully melodious feel with the strikingly heartfelt ballad 'It Hurts'and back to a positive vibe once again with 'I'm Going Crazy' you are given the feeling of being taken on Laura's own emotional journey while listening to this gem.
With charming vocals and incredible talent displayed with both electric and acoustic guitar I cannot praise it enough and I sincerely hope you learn from my lesson and give it a shot.

Fit4Talent Review of 'Because of You'

Acoustic-pop songstress Laura Comfort's stunning new release "Because of You" is a beautiful, emotive love song with personal lyrics and poignant vocals which gets its official released on February the 12th.

It is the first single from her highly anticipated new album "Don't Ignore Me", produced by the legendary Santana producer John Ryan (Chicago Kid Productions). Comfort's unmistakable blend of acoustic-pop with folk and rock elements is showcased brilliantly in this collection. Reminiscent of fellow artists Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift, Comfort's unique voice and songwriting abilities, not to mention her striking looks, have allowed her to craft her own niche.

Building upon her earlier work "The Comfort Zone" is an eclectic mix of catchy acoustic pop songs which received support from Radio One and Radio Two, Comfort has clearly refined her talents. Taking inspiration from her emotionally turbulent year, Laura has created some truly heartfelt pieces. Notable tracks such as "It Hurts", "Goodbye" and "Because Of You", really emphasise her sensitive and insightful side.

Elsewhere on the album, the songs "Angelina Jolie", "I'm Going Crazy" and "I'm No Barbie" display Comfort's unashamedly fun, pop side. The incredibly catchy hooks and beautiful melodies are sure to stick in one's mind. "Don't Ignore Me" clearly demonstrates her signature sound and songwriting abilities showing she is a real talent and a rising star. Her future is most certainly bright.

"'It Hurts' is a distinctive blend of folk-pop with a hint of Sheryl Crow and a sprinkle of Laura Marling. "Singer/songwriter Laura Comfort's leanings into folk-pop shows she is a real talent at this."

"Laura has struck a refreshing balance between country, folk and pop music in her song It Hurts. As I listened to the guitar strum the tune to accompany her sweet voice, I believe I got a sense of the experience that allowed her to pen the lyrics. While the song is about heartbreak, it somehow managed to lift my spirits. I guess it's her subtle, laidback singing style. As Laura sings her song there's no bitterness, no overreaching screaming notes, only a beautiful haunting melody that comforts the soul. One listen of Laura's music is not enough. She leaves you wanting more. In her chorus she sings '…and that's just how it goes' , you realise and accept that pain is a part of life, and that too will pass. " tigertales

"'It Hurts' is a beautiful emotive love song with intensely personal lyrics, heartfelt emotions and poignant vocals that will touch a chord with every listen. Produced by the legendary Santana producer John Ryan of Chicago Kid Productions, it is set to storm the charts." madhouse family reviews

"It's beautifully open, acoustic & folky, bordering on country, with more than a little hint of Eva Cassidy. Laura has got a great voice for this song, and it'll be making a regular appearance on my playlist, I love listening to something different to what people expect of me. At this time of year, everywhere is full of the same old Christmas classics we hear every year, and whatever dross has been churned out by the X-Factor, Laura Comfort provides a welcome antidote to that, a real singer-songwriter with something new, and genuine content. The musicians are excellent, and there's a lot of talent in that 3 and a half minutes. (Also I love her dress. I would look like a sack of spuds in it, but I love it all the same)" Squeaky Baby

"Singer/songwriter Laura Comfort’s leanings into folk-pop shows she is a real talent at this.  Her easy-on-the-ear voice and laidback approach on single ‘Take A Chance” is disarmingly infectious and its clear that she is destined to make a real dent on the burgeoning folk-pop market." Music Week

"Thanks to Laura, It's great to hear something fresh and exciting! She has managed to create her own individual sound blending folk, pop, country and rhythm n blues which is something you don't often find these days. She has a new album due for release on October 26th called The Comfort Zone. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from Laura, I know people are going to appreciate her sound. One of the best things about Laura and her music is that she writes all her own songs giving the listener an opportunity to get to know her. She has had an exciting background and is now ready to apply the cut throat skills she learnt from her business career to conquer the music world! She also has a great look, check out the video for her chart topping hit Take a Chance!" Discollective

"Singer/songwriter Laura Comfort's leanings into folk-pop show she is a real talent at this. Her easy-on-the-ear voice and laidback approach on single Take A Chance is disarmingly infectious and its clear that she is destined to make a real dent in the burgeoning folk-pop market." Music Week

"How do you top meeting Donald Trump and George Soros? You launch a pop career, of course. Well, that's what CNBC presenter Laura Comfort has done. The Harvard and LSE graduate says she's decided to apply the lessons of the "cut-throat world of business to the equally ruthless world of the entertainment industry".
If she's tackled Trump and Soros, then Simon Cowell, et al, will surely be easy-peasy." The Telegraph

"The music's actually pretty good... and the whole thing is all rather charismatic and likeable. You could even say she's a Laura to herself!!! (Law unto herself.) (That's the next album title.)"

"Take A Chance wastes no time capturing the audience with it's catchy hook..a great track for Hot AC Radio." TMG

“It’s a smooth RnB flavoured love song with a sprinkle of urban cool and it’s doing it for an impressive array of punters and critics alike. A charming understated corker of a song.” Diva

“Laura is a delicate, shimmering artist with an eye for detail and a measured twist with a contemporary tune. One to watch.” Musician

“Her voice is a blend of Dido’s and Norah Jones’s, with a hint of RnB and a pinch of Ashanti.” Tatler

“Addicted ..It’s poppy and catchy yet melancholy at the same time. Imagine Everything But The Girl doing RnB and you’ll get an idea of the feel.” IDJ

“If you’re looking for a vibey, trippy-soulster with a heavy back beat, lilting guitars and delicate vocals, then this promo should fit the bill. It has underground appeal with crossover potential.” DJ

“Ex-patriot New Yorker Laura Comfort looks set to notch up a crossover hit at her first attempt with Let The Music Take Control. Hi NRG territories are revisited for this monster in the making” Scootering

“Little wonder Laura’s in demand on the kitsch side of the London club scene, where recent appearances at Heaven, Limelight and GAYE have pushed her debut single into the spotlight.” IDJ

"Nature's Child.. is most pleasant and certainly passes by as gentle, folk pop should. Take A Chance stood out with a crafty, catchy chorus and the title track would relax any stressed management burn-out case on arriving home from the commuter's daily grind." Musician

"American born pop singer Laura Comfort wanted to do something to help children living in poverty in the UK. So she wrote and recorded "A Better World", a song for children which was released just in time for Christmas." Thames Valley Mums Blog