Kosovo (WomenforWomen)Charity

Laura Comfort appointed Ambassador for Women for Women International

A non-governmental organisation, WomenforWoment Int'l helps women and girls in War-torn regions rebuild their lives by providing financial support, job skills,
training in rights awareness, leadership education, access to business skills, capital and markets. Participants learn to embrace the importance of their roles in rebuilding their families, their communities and ultimately their nations.

Laura has visited Kosovo this June to perform at the opening of the first Women's Opportunity Center in Kosovo.

Kosovo (WomenforWomen)Laura Comfort appointed Ambassador for Sentebale

Founded by Prince Harry in memory of his mother, Sentebale aims to transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho. Laura travelled to Lesotho last year, visiting many of Sentebale's orphanages and schools. She witnessed first hand the stark conditions and lack of vital necessities, as well as the incredible work of Sentebale helping the lives of thousands of children.

Laura will use her voice, commitment and contacts to fundraise, educate and
advocate on behalf of Sentebale (www.sentebale.org) and WomenforWomen Int'l
(www.womenforwomen.org) among others.

Laura Comfort with the children of Lesotho"It is my dream to bring positive change to the lives of as many children in need as possible. I would like to see a world where all children have love and respect, are cared for and valued, so they can lead happy, productive lives."

Laura felt compelled to spread the message of hope, love and kindness by recording an album for children. She went into the studio and came out with 'Slimy Stew', a fantastic collection of fun, inspirational songs with catchy, melodic tunes that will entertain the whole family." (Available on www.CDBaby.com)

Laura recently met up with him at the Sentebale Polo CupA Christmas single soon followed with airplay on Radio 2. 'A Better World', with its compelling sing-along melody and a positive meaningful message was being sung across the country. Laura has donated the proceeds and devoted much of her time to UK Charities such as CLIC Sargent Cancer Care for Children, The Red Cross, NSPCC and Women for Women International UK.

"I hope my songs will bring some joy into their lives and give them a brighter future."

Lesotho Facts:

  • 3rd highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world – one third of the population are infected
  • 40% of children are orphaned and vulnerable
  • Life expectancy is just 40
  • 87% of population are dependent children, elderly or unemployed.